Hello Friend,

We are Taryn and Carrie, and we're so excited to know you.  Now more than ever, we believe it's our responsibility as women to seek out connections and lift each other up. Celebration and recognition of our talents, strengths, and unique qualities should unite us as women, and we should teach our young girls that each of us has a true gift to offer the world. 

Audacity Rising was born out of our desire to use our own strengths as educators, speakers,  writers, creators, and well...friends...to encourage women from all walks of life.  Before we started this journey, we honestly felt as if we had hit walls in our lives.  We asked questions like, "Why don't I have the relationship I want?" and "When will I feel valued for talents I bring to the table?"  and usually, "Why am I not good enough?" After taking a long hard look in the mirror, and at each other, we admitted some scary but real truths: We all are in control of our own happiness.  We are, and have always been "good enough." No one else is responsible for our mindset--except us. 

Our hope for Audacity Rising is give YOU the opportunity to make true connections with other women, learn from their unique and beautiful stories, and spread more love and joy in our world (especially for WOMEN).  Meeting our guests and listening to their stories has been transformational for the two of us, and we know this is simply the beginning.   

We are working to craft a supportive, more connected community where women from all walks of life choose to dive into their truest strengths and follow their dreams.  We know what it's like to be stifled by fear, insecurity, and the little voice inside your head. We're done with that. We want to work with and connect with other women who are done with it, too. We want to hear their inspirational, EVERY DAY stories, and we want to share those stories with you.  


You are Fierce

We celebrate YOU. Share your thoughts. What do you want to see for women in your community?

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