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We believe in the power of encouraging others to be their best selves. We currently serve as school leaders in our community. We are active presenters at local, state, and national educational conferences.  

Hi, I'm Taryn

Audacity Rising
Audacity Rising Podcast
Taryn Small
Women's Empowerment

I am originally a Georgia girl, but after Purdue I planted my roots in Indiana.  I'm engaged to my wonderful fiance, Kyle, and am a fur-mama to our two dogs, Leo and Sophie. I am also an active member of my sorority's advisory board, and I am thrilled to continue to guide and mentor those amazing women.  I currently serve as an assistant principal at a middle school, and I am passionate about helping my students realize their truest potential.  I have presented at local educational conferences about the powerful influence of critical reading and writing. I have my masters in school administration, and would love to lead my own school (perhaps one just for girls!)

Hi, I'm Carrie

Audacity Rising
Audacity Rising Podcast
Carrie Rosebrock
Women's Empowerment

I  am married to my wonderful husband, Brad, and together we are raising two brilliant young people--Grace (8) and Will (4).  We have two cats, we live in the suburbs, and we love to travel.  Brad and I are both passionate educators and coaches who are devoted to serving others.   I have presented at local, state, and national conferences about education-related topics such as instructional leadership, professional learning communities, and the influence of reading and writing on student achievement. I have my masters in school administration and currently serve a professional learning specialist. 

Audacity Rising Podcast
Audacity Rising
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Our Vision

What We Know For Sure

Our goal is to help women identify their own authentic dreams, and then, to pursue them with unequivocal audacity. 

We are creating a community for women by women where unique assets are embraced and elevated.

We are here to bring women into conversations so that we can teach and inspire. There is strength from learning from one another, and we invite women from all walks of life to share their stories.

Ultimately, our mission is to equip females of all ages to embrace their core.


Empower women and girls to live an audacious life.