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Looking for a dynamic speaker to address specific topics tailored for groups of girls? We help craft and deliver the message you seek for your girls.  With 20+ combined years of experience in education and presenting, we will create a fun, engaging experience for the girls in your school, organization, church, or team. 

Workshops, For Girls

Growth begins at home, and acceptance should start, well, from the start! We love organizing and leading fun and meaningful workshops for larger and smaller groups of girls. Whether it's a birthday party, a weekend adventure, or an existing group or team--we'll create a personalized workshop for your girls in your school, organization, or comfort of your own home.

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Shouting Your Strength

You are fierce. You are bold. You are one of a kind.  Women are warriors who use love, intelligence, creativity, and hard work to achieve our dreams. Your strengths are causes for celebration, and it's time we start shouting them!

Loving Your Body

You are wonderfully and beautifully made my dear.  Your body is a temple that provides you power, energy, creativity, and life. What are the steps you can do on the daily to celebrate the skin you're in?

Trusting Your Friendships

Girls, we are all in this together. When we spend our time comparing ourselves, competing for attention, we miss the real opportunities to celebrate and raise each other up.  Only together can we make our dreams come true.

Embracing Your Talents

You were born with beautiful talents and gifts that are meant for you alone. What will you do with this one, crazy life you've been given? How will you name your talents, embrace them, and then put them to good use?

Being Yourself

There's an important truth that all girls should realize as soon as possible: we are all perfect just as we are. The sooner you learn to love what makes you you--the sooner you will find others who share similar qualities.

Posting Your Life

Social media is an important aspect of our girls' lives. There is so much positivity that can come from healthy habits with technology--but we need to talk about the dirty sides of posts, likes, and snaps.


Looking for some beautiful and simple ways to encourage connection and reflection with your girls? Check out our freebies below!

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  Our job is to listen to exactly what you want and then provide a dynamic, captivating workshop or speaking event.  Our passion is to help you live your best life. Before the event, we'll schedule a time to plan with you and fill out the questionnaire below.  

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