Season Two

Episode 55: Time to Transition with ACH

Alpha Chi Omega
Angela Costley Harris
Audacity Rising Podcast

We've all been there: you know in your gut it's time to make a change or move on, but something is holding you back. We both know how this feels (boy do, we ever!) but what if you could embrace transition with open, welcoming arms? Angela Costley Harris is a returning guest on Audacity Rising this week.  Listen in as she shares her wisdom, experience and advice.  In the episode, we each share thoughts on our current transition experiences, and how we did (or did not) prepare. Whether you're entering a new career or preparing to say goodbye to one, this episode is for you. 

Episode 54: We're Back! Relaunch 2020


We took a pause on creating episodes for Audacity Rising as our lives blossomed other projects, engagements, career opportunities, and new homes. But: we are back and ready to share what we've encountered along the way. In this episode, we dive back into our origin story and how gentle nudgings and then loud roars caused us to listen to our intuitions and explore new opportunities. 

Episode 53: I'm Enough with the Ladies of Strong Selfie

Strong Selfie
Subscription Boxes
Audacity Rising

Kristen and Stephanie realized that they could make a difference in young girls' lives by bringing them great products to inspire strength.  They created Strong Selfie which is a subscription box for girls, tweens, teens and their moms. You can find their products on or directly at their site.  Strong Selfie also hosts Chicago-area events for girls 8-17. Their goal is to infuse confidence in girls at a younger age. Working out of the basement and at various practices, these audacious women fill their buckets by filling boxes. Enjoy their hardworking and admirable story!

Episode 52: What We Don't Talk About


Erika Huckstep is brave, strong and forgiving. She is a mom, wife and daughter. Erika’s father was an alcoholic, but in reality, he was so much more to her than this disease. He was a funny, protective family man who had a huge heart. Sharing this painful story would be incomplete if Erika did not share those pieces of father as well. The choice to share this story was born out of knowing the pain, isolation, and loneliness this type of experience can create. She uses these lessons to open a conversation and community for women (and men) anywhere to feel less alone and begin moving through this type of journey.

Episode 51: Share Your Value, with Sheena Birt

Sheena Birt
Color Story Studio
Audacity Rising Podcast

The Color Story Studio is a place that helps small business owners’ creative visions come to life in their spaces. Sheena Birt created her company after working in multiple creative, but more corporate, positions. She has the incredible ability to truly understand people which allows her to take a seemingly crazy vision board and bring it to reality. Her leap into business ownership taught Sheena a lot, and in turn, she uses this to inspire all of you in this episode. We discuss some of the things you really need to do before venturing out on your own and the lessons that can be learned through entrepreneurship.

Episode 50: Do Things Afraid, with Jolene Shrock

Jolene Shrock
Awake and Alive
Noonday Collection Ambassador
Audacity Rising podcast

Jolene Shrock is a mom, wife,  Noonday Collection Ambassador,  founder of the non-profit Awake and Alive, and a survivor of a hijacked plane. If all of this isn’t enough, Jolene struggled with infertility after always dreaming of being a mama and living the American dream. As a faithful woman, it was hard for Jolene to wrap her mind around this struggle that she was given. Eventually, she realized that adoption was her path and with that, came giving back to women and babies around the world. Living through fear and taking on things even when they scare her became something that Jolene lives by. She shares this advice along with other insight in episode 50. Listen as she shares her story full of heartbreak, happiness, and fulfillment.

Episode 49: The Rebel Herself, Dr. Michelle Mazur

Dr. Michelle Mazur
Communication Rebel
Three Word Rebellion
Audacity Rising Podcast

On this episode of Audacity Rising, Carrie and Taryn bring you Dr. Michelle Mazur. Dr. Mazur is the CEO of Communication Rebel and the creator of the 3 Word Rebellion which is a unique messaging framework. Michelle's journey took her through different careers with academia, speaking events and market research but realized that those things weren’t really her jam. After seeing a pattern in her different avenues of branding, she realized that she needed to help people out by framing their messages via the 3 Word Rebellion. Not a business owner? No worries! The 3 Word Rebellion can create your personal mantra for change.

Episode 48: It's Okay to Play 3rd Trumpet, with Stacey McCreery

Audacity Rising Podcast
Stacey McCreery

Stacey McCreery is the Founder and President of ROI Search Group and she joins us on episode 48. Realizing that Indiana needed to bring in more talent and knowing that she was the woman for the job, Stacey decided launch her own unique executive recruitment company. Her specific approach to this business and launching a business, in general, will inspire you to act on that idea you've been protecting.  Stacey's also an active community member and works to promote philanthropic efforts around Indianapolis. 

Episode 47: Just Eat the Bread, with Dr. Melanie Shoffner

Audacity Rising podcast
Audacity Rising blog
Melanie Schoffner

Dr. Melanie Shoffner is a professor of English Education at James Madison University in Virginia, and she is yet another guest who has been called bossy a time or two. While growing up in North Carolina, she discovered her love of different people and places through her love of literature. It made her feel different then, but has shaped who is today. Although she is in the educational realm, this episode focuses on traveling, being a woman in the workplace, and becoming an independent thinker. The three of us discuss how women are natural caretakers and how this can cause issue with also being bold and confident. She explores what it means to be an audacious woman with poise and insight. This conversation and story will make you think, and maybe make you want to jump on a plane to a new place!

Episode 46: A Message from the Principal, Andrea Hunley

Andrea Hunley
Center for Inquiry 2
Audacity Rising

Meet the strong, intelligent, influential Andrea Hunley, principal of the Center for Inquiry 2 in Indianapolis Public Schools. With her fierce confidence and  zest for life, Andrea embodies the true spirit of empowering, beautiful women everywhere. In this poignant episode, Andrea opens up about how her childhood, adoption, and race have molded her into the brilliant woman she is today.  Andrea is a pillar of beauty and strength to her two little girls at home as well as the hundreds of girls in her school.

Episode 45: Live for Authentic Engagement, with Puno


Puno is the creator of People Map which is an Instagram tool that allows users to engage efficiently and genuinely with people in this digital world. She works in advertising and gaming and has transitioned into a life as a “slashy” where she can combine multiple creative talents and ideas. We discuss genuine engagement, business creation, and motivations for taking the leap. Puno shares her struggle with worrying, how that impedes productivity and how she was able to navigate that natural tendency. She also shares how to turn your passion into your main career and is honest about the time this could take. It is a well-rounded episode that allows Puno to beautifully share her story and give some great insight!

Episode 43: The You Do You Activist, Paul Fishman

Paul Fishman
self love coach
audacity rising podcast
audacity rising blog

Paul Fishman is a self love coach, podcast host, dance party lover, and the ONLY guy we've had on Audacity Rising. About 10 years ago, Paul woke up and realized that he was far from being the person he was meant to be. He decided on that day to say yes to him. Paul was able to turn his own pain into purpose (as he likes to say) and uses his lively and beautiful presence to better his clients. Paul shares what being a self love coach really means, how you can love yourself more, and what actions you can take to start living your truth. Listen in and take these 45 minutes to invest more in yourself!

Episode 42: Set the Angel Free, With Shannon Brasovan

Shannon Brasovan
Practice Indie Yoga
Audacity Rising podcast
Naptown Fitness

Shannon Brasovan is a Chief Yoga Officer who found her passion for yoga through trials and fires in life. From anger issues to body issues, Shannon shares about her journey to finding peace and love with herself. She began Practice Indie Yoga five years ago, and has been leading her pack of mermaids ever since.  She's also the co-owner of Naptown Fitness, and is a regular yogi-inspirer in Indy. Her outlook on yoga isn't your stereotypical outlook; it is extremely inclusive and open-minded. We laugh a ton in this episode because that is just who Shannon is and how she approaches life. Enjoy this episode that explores yoga, spirituality, body image. 

Episode 40: Trust the Process, with Monica Derhammer

Monica Derhammer
Hoosier Trainer Brownsburg
Hoosier Trainer
Audacity Rising

Monica Dderhammer is the owner of Hoosier Trainer in Brownsburg, IN. After working at a gym for 8 years, Monica found herself in the perfect situation to open her own gym...which she did in a manner of DAYS! During episode 40, Monica discusses opening a business, her own body image struggles, and doing all of this as a wife and mother. Her honesty and transparency comes through so well as she tells her story of being a gym owner, fitness instructor and personal trainer. Monica also gives sound advice on beginning your fitness journey and shares some interesting "feedback" that she has received along the way. Enjoy!

Episodes 38-39: Let's Be Frank, with Lindsey Goff-Elliott

Lindsey Goff
Work it Girl Indy
Audacity Rising
Indy women's podcast
newlyweds Indy

Let’s Be Frank is a little bit different of an episode for Audacity Rising. While our guests get raw and real about their struggles, this episode solely focuses on a woman who lost her father in her mid-20s. The title is in honor of Lindsey Elliott-Goff’s father, Frank Elliott, and the episode is super frank and up front about grief.  We know that women are struggling and surviving in the everyday moments of life, and this is just that. Lindsey, founder of Work It Girl! Indy,  is the epitome or strength, authenticity, and vulnerability. We are honored to share her story.

Episode 37: Living the Healthful Pursuit, with Leanne Vogel

Leanne Vogel
Healthful Pursuit
The Keto Diet Podcast
Audacity Rising Podcast

Leanne Vogel is the creator of Healthful Pursuit, an author, a YouTuber, podcaster, and so much more. She is a nutrition educator who uses her platforms aid people in their journey to healthier lives. Her primary focus is on educating women (specifically) on all things Keto--but she wouldn't say she follows a Keto Diet. If diet weren't such a fad word, that might ring true, but Leanne is all about real life pursuits, not fleeting attempts to lose weight. As if all the things listed above aren't enough, she lives in a sailboat with her husband and has become part of the cruising community. Enjoy this episode of Audacity Rising!

Episode 36: Stay in the Game, with Indy Women in Food

Indy Women in Food
Audacity Rising Podcast
Indy Women's workshops
A Couple Cooks
Ashley Brooks

We have Sonja Overhiser and Ashley Brooks from Indy Women in Food on Episode 36. They discuss their passion for giving back to the community through food issues and bringing women together. Their passion for making the world a better place is clear and it's contagious. Their advice for women in the food industry (and really all industries) will remind you to stay in the game--whatever that may be for you.

Episode 35: Being Too Passionate, with The Buzzing Blonde

The Buzzing Blonde
Maddie Scott
Audacity Rising Podcast
Indy Women podcasters
Audacity Rising

Ever wonder what it'd be like to put your social media skills to good use? Meet Maddie Scott, owner of The Buzzing Blonde, a social media consulting business. For Maddie, managing a social media company is less about money and more about creativity.  Maddie, however, is getting so much more from her side hustle. Listen as The Buzzing Blonde divulges tips on social media and how little changes can make a major impact on your business. 

Episode 34: Feminine Power, with Devoreaux Walton

Devoreaux Walton
Je Ne Sais Quoi
Audacity Rising Podcast
Indy women podcast
The Modern Lady

Devoreaux Walton is the creator of The Modern Lady, a business that works to empower women to live their best lives each and every day. Inspired by her own lack of living her best life, Devoreaux set out to transform herself from the inside out. She underwent a year long journey of discovery and design.  She's also the author of the recently released book, 

Je Ne Sais Quoi, a life guide book for women.  If you've ever felt stuck in a rut or like your life is just 'meh', this is the episode changer for you!

Episode 33: Just Be, with Leila Breton of Curvy Custom Bride

Curvy Custom Bride
Leila Breton
Audacity Rising Podcast
Audacity Rising
Indianapolis women podcast

Leila Breton is the designer behind Curvy Custom Bride. When she continued to encounter the same issue of ill-fitting clothing, Leila literally took matters into her own hands. She took the tags out and began to create her own clothes. From there, she decided to design and tailor for others. Her empowering messages about body image and self worth are vital lessons that all women need to hear. And if you know someone in need of a custom design, we know just the lady!

Episode 32: Find Your Jam with Julie Johnston of Vision Loft

Julie Johnston
Vision Loft
Vision Loft Events
Audacity Rising Podcast

Julie Johnston is the Co-Owner of Vision Loft Indy Events and is the Director of Learning Space for Indiana University. Although she confesses that the first time she's ever called herself an entrepreneur is right here on this episode, Julie is just that: a creative entrepreneur. Her background in technology paired with a beautiful vision created a unique space that allows people to come together for all reasons. Listen as Julie explains how women need to put more jam in their lives, and just: dream bigger.

Episode 31: Give Yourself Grace with the Ladies of Two Moms and a Wine Truck

Two Moms and a Wine Truck
Vinny Mobile Bar
Indianapolis Vloggers
Audacity Rising Podcast

Welcome back to Season 2 of Audacity Rising! On this week's episode you'll meet Jenn and Katie. They are two hilarious vloggers with the show Two Moms and a Wine Truck. Joking, laughing, and drinking wine may be their brand, but they have some amazing life advice and stories out their for all women. We talk with them about building businesses, changing careers, being moms, and drinking wine. This episode will make you laugh and inspire you all at the same time. Cheers!

Season 1

Episode 30: Season 1 Finale

Audacity Rising Podcast
Indy Women's workshops
Indy women's podcast
taryn small
carrie rosebrock

You know, when you decide to start a podcast, you really don't think a whole lot about seasons (or at least we didn't!) and we can't believe Season #1 is already wrapping. We have had an amazing first six months, and we in this episode, we pause to reflect on the impact Audacity Rising has had on us, your co-hosts.  We started this gig because we wanted to add more fun and focus to our lives, we wanted to dive further into untapped strengths, and we wanted to make a difference for women.  With your support, we've done just that and more. Listen in as we share our top insights from starting a podcast and how it's impacted us. 

Episode 29: You do You with Rachel Blythe

Rachel Blythe
Rodan and Fields
Audacity Rising Podcast
Indy Podcast
Indy women's workshops

Rachel Blythe is an all-around amazing lady. She is a mom of 3, wife, teacher, and sales consultant for Rodan and Fields. Direct sales is not always seen in a positive light and Rachel has navigated this disappointment beautifully. R + F is an important piece of her life of which she is proud. Although this success is important, she always herself, "I'm Rachel first." It isn't easy to start a new business endeavor, and we know a lot of our ladies out there are in this role like Rach. Listen to her story to hear more about the balance and taking a dive into leading a team.

Episode 28: Montana Girl with Jenna Martin

Jenna Martin Photography
Audacity Rising Podcast
Indy women podcast
Indy women workshops

Jenna Martin is, among other things, the spirited host of The Creative Chaos Podcast, a definite favorite for people looking to dive into blogging, photography, writing, and basically any creative endeavor. Jenna is one of the most clever and genuine people we've met on this journey.  After receiving her  acceptance letter to med school, she decided to follow her heart, not her head, and journey in the world of creativity. She's an accomplished photographer, blogger, teacher, and writer, and you will be blown away by her work.  Oh, and she's from Montana. 

Episode 27: Shine Brightly with Laura Gambrel

Brightly Art Studio
Laura Gambrel
Audacity Rising Podcast
Indy Women Podcast
Indy podcast

Laura Gambrel is the owner of Brightly Art Studio in Brownsburg, IN. Starting off post-college as a teacher with a different job in between, Laura realized that her hobby, art, was actually her calling. With a little help from loved ones around her, she took the leap into entrepreneurial life and road the wave of glitter straight to her own studio. She found that she was able to combine her love of teaching, community, and creativity all in one place. Laura feels all the feels-- in the best way-- and her story will do the same for you.

Episode 26: Just Do It, featuring Maddy Corbin

Maddy Corbin
Indy blogger
Indy lifestyle blogger
audacity rising
indy podcast

Maddy Corbin is a creative lifestyle blogger who has lived her entrepreneurial life since she was a young girl. She coded her first blog at the age of 10, created multiple companies in high school and is now pairing her creative side with her business side. Maddy has had so much experience at such a young age, and continues to learn and grow in her creativity and wisdom. Maddy is impressive, smart, and empowering. Check out her story!

Episode 25: Nurturing Your Soul


How do we get in touch with our souls, and how should we nurture them? Do we have soulmates? If so, are these soulmates merely romantic, or are they born from friendships as well? These are all questions that we ponder on this week's episode that happens to land on Valentine's Day. It is important to nurture your soul to make sure it is open to accept and appreciate your soulmates. Listen in as we explore these ideas!

Episode 24: Made for Greatness

Alpha Chi Omega
Audacity Rising Podcast
Indianapolis Women's workshop
Indianapolis podcast

Maggie Rochford is a senior at Purdue University graduating in May of 2019. She is extremely wise and self-reflective, but understands some of the obstacles she may have to overcome in this next season of her life. Maggie shares different ways she plans to take on the real world, different fears she has, and different lessons she has already learned in life. Her perspective, as a young woman taking on this next journey, is relatable and refreshing. Maggie not only shares this perspective, but also her perspective of living audaciously in your daily life where you are made for greatness.

Episode 23: Live Your Best Journey with Beth Smith

Beth Smith
Simplicity Juice
Indianapolis Juice Cleanse
Audacity Rising 
Taryn Small
Carrie Rosebrock

We bring you Beth Smith on this week’s episode. She is the owner and founder of Simplicity Holistic Health. Beth shares her story of how she got into juicing and healthy eating. She brings about raw issues that women go through including shame, infertility and more. Beth gives her view on health and how to live our best journey while being authentic to ourselves. She is a true example of someone who combines fun and self-investment every single day.  

Episode 22: Don't be Afraid to Say Yes

Stella & Dot
Jenn Storey Style
Audacity Rising
Indianapolis Women podcast
Indianapolis workshops

Jenn Storey is a personal stylist and business mentor who sells Stella & Dot. She has learned how to allow herself to say yes because you never really know where that yes could take you. Jenn is constantly looking for ways to show up more and more in all areas of her life. As if mentoring her Stella & Dot team was not enough, Jenn continues to seek out other ways to motivate and support women to becoming the best versions of themselves.

Episode 21: You're Not a Fraud

Audacity Rising Podcast
Women Empowerment
women workshop Indianapolis
Taryn Small 
Carrie Rosebrock

Too often we hide the fears that weigh us down because we're nervous others won't fully accept us. We worry that we're too emotional, sensitive, cold or withdrawn.  We worry we're too much and not enough all at the same time.  The thing is--the worry and fear are both very real, very normal, and very much unneeded in our lives. By first naming and then sharing your fears, you can help yourself (and women you love) begin to process the self-doubts that occasionally spring up. Listen in as we really "go there" with our own fears. 

Episode 20: The Chief Wrangler, Angela Costley Harris

Alpha Chi Omega
Carrie Rosebrock
Taryn Small
Angela Costley Harris
Female Podcdast
Women Empowerment

 Angela Costley Harris refers to herself as "the chief wrangler" in multiple facets of her life. She owns her own non-profit consulting business and volunteers in large-scale ways. In all that she does, she aims to empower women and invests her time and energy into this mission. Angela gives tremendous advice about not underselling yourself, having fun, and striving for excellence. Her experience, wisdom, and strength will inspire you too!  

Episode 19: Authentically Me with Kelsey Peacock

Kelsey Peacock
essential life podcast
audacity rising podcast
beautiful planners

 Kelsey Peacock is a fabulous woman--and brand. She joins us here on episode 19 to share her journey of creating her beautiful company. Starting out as a side business next to her financial advising career, Kelsey's planners were a creative idea to supplement income and fuel her passion. She shares the ups and downs to being an entrepreneur and lessons learned along the way. With a viewpoint that "our customers are our friends," you just know that Kelsey is going to share a fun and admirable story. 

Episode 18: Let's Do This

Audacity Rising Podcast
Women Empowerment
women's workshops indianapolis
Women's Workshops

 The Audacity Rising women have some exciting news to share! We want to come into your home, workplace, sorority, or, really, wherever, and bring you a workshop like you have never seen. Life happens in the living room, and we want to enhance that life for you in any way you need (or want).  These self-investment workshops will be tailored to your needs, but will have the same common theme of leading you, and your tribe, to be the best versions of yourselves. Check out this episode to hear more about what these women's workshops can offer you. 

Episode 17: Audacious from the Start

Audacity Rising podcast
Empowered Women Indianapolis
Taryn SmallCarrie Rosebrock 
women's workshop

A huge part of our goal is to build up girls and teach them to be the best versions of themselves. So in that spirit, we decided to host a holiday party for young girls where they could come together and have fun while giving back. We did just that. In this episode, you will hear from a few of those girls and how they are beginning their bold and audacious lives. Enjoy hearing their sweet stories and voices! 

Episode 16: This is Fun

Audacity Rising
Episode 16: This is Fun
Taryn Small
Carrie Rosebrock

 How often do you stop and really consider the power of your words and the impact they're having on the people around you--not to mention your own state of mind? Paying homage to Kelly Corrigan's book, Tell Me More, we decided to create our own list of phrases that shape our lives. Sometimes we're rockstars at living by these ideas, and other times...not so much. The point isn't to fully live these phrases every day--the point is just to explore more of who we are. Right now, we're falling in love with podcasting and connecting with all of you--and primarily because: this is fun. We don't believe that we're (all of us--and this includes you!) having enough fun or making fun a priority. And when we can--we should. Like right now. Go ahead. Listen in. Have fun. 

Episode 15: I Get to Choose to be Audacious

Family Promise
Julie Randall
Audacity Rising
Hendricks County

Julie Randall is a genuine altruist who has given her life’s

work to supporting women, and their families, through various roles in community organizations. Her experiences of creating these community groups and nonprofits is moving and empowering. Julie is in touch with what it means to be empathetic while also teaching women to be their best, independent versions of themselves. She knows that each day when she wakes up, she has the option to be audacious and strong. And, Julie Randall chooses to embody this every single day.

Episode 14: Vulnerability is a Superpower

Lauren Palmer
Indianapolis Moms Blog
Audacity Rising Podcast

 Are you allowing yourself the time and capacity to explore what brings you true joy? Are you putting too much emphasis on school, work, or home to bring you the fulfillment you honestly seek? If this at all sounds like you, connect with this week's guest, Lauren Palmer, as she shares her insights on how she's personally developed her joy. Lauren is a writer whose work is honest, compelling, and vulnerable. 

Episode 13: Thankful=Gratitude+Relief

Taryn Small
Carrie Rosebrock
Audacity Rising

It's beginning to look a lot like the holidays, and we wanted to hit the pause button to reflect on what we are grateful for this season and how to keep a sense of gratitude front and center all through the holidays.We realize that it's totally normal to fall into the stress rabbit hole this time of year.To avoid this, we tackle some typical situations that make both of us (and many of you!) feel stressful, and we challenge each other on air with tips and strategies for how to be grateful in the midst of food, family, and friendships.

Episode 12: Ignite your Fire

Maria Esterline
Ignite Conference 2019
Audacity Rising

 Maria Esterline is a vivacious woman with a big heart and big dreams. Her goal in life is to inspire all people to ignite the fire within them and go for their passions. Believing that we are life long learners, Maria uses that to drive her and the way she wants to shape others in this life. Her excitement is contagious in this episode. Take a listen to hear more about igniting your fire. 

Episode 11: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


Girls just wanna have fun is definitely the theme of this episode. Join Carrie, Taryn, and two of their best friends, Kayla and Tiffany. Listen to this episode to hear four friends enjoying each other while giving some great insights into what it means to celebrate and invest in friendships. What adventures are you taking with the women that you love and value? How are you showing your girlfriends that you are invested in those friendships? Enjoy the stories and laughs, lots of laughs!

Episode 10: We Can Do Hard Things

Audacity Rising
Harlan Vondersaar
Taryn Small
Carrie Rosebrock

 How do we move from thinking of ourselves as helpers to realizing the power and purpose of our positions? In this episode, you will meet Ashley Quick, a brand-spanking-new campaign manager who pushed the boundaries she had set for herself in her own mind. Ashley is an educational consultant who would never in a million years describe herself as audacious or bold, yet her actions throughout 2018 would prove otherwise. Join us as we share the story of this woman's journey of advocacy and action.  

Episode 9: Take it Five Feet at a Time

Claire Trost
Bloom Blog
Bent Arrow Acres
Audacity Rising


Meet Claire. She's a writer, a city-girl turned farmer, and full time mother of two.  Claire shares insights about the importance of self-care, finding joy in our careers, and the need to take risks to foster growth.  She's also the creative owner of Bloom, a personal growth blog that will re-launch on October 29th. 

Episode 8: Nevertheless She Persisted, An Interview with Aimee Rivera Cole

Aimee Rivera Cole
Audacity Rising
Indiana District 37 
Nevertheless She Persisted

 Making cracks in the glass ceiling, running for office, and taking things into her own hands: Aimee Rivera Cole is an attorney running for state representative because she saw a need and had the audacity to do something about it. Listen as she shares how she was inspired by her daughter to make a difference in her community! 

Episode 7: How to Date your Girlfriends

Taryn Small
Carrie Rosebrock
Date your Girlfriends
Episode 7 
Audacity Rising

 How often do you take the time to laugh through life together? Do you know what your girls would name a boat (if they had one?) Do you know their theme song from school?  Listen in as we share some of our answers to 20+ fun questions that we spring on each other. 

Episode 6: When Nobody Thinks You Can

Ella Mae's
Ella Mae's Formal
Abby McKinney
Audacity Rising

 As the owner and CEO of Ella Mae's and Ella Mae's Formal, Abby McKinney has learned the business world by trusting her gut and listening to her inner voice. In this episode, she shares her journey that took her from the classroom to the dressing room. 

Episode 5: Evaluating your Path

Audacity Rising Podcast Episode 5: Evaluating your Path
Carrie Rosebrock 
Taryn Small

How do you know the path you're currently on is the right path for you? When should you evaluate the benefits or remaining or altering a current path? This episode explores the benefits of continual reflection, especially in our careers.

Episode 4: Shout your Strength

Audacity Rising
Audacity Rising Podcast Episode 4: Shout your Strength
Carrie Rosebrock 
Taryn Small

When asked, "When's the last time you felt strong?" a group of women we love came up speechless. Here we explore how women need to work together to unearth the strength hiding in our hearts. 

Episode 3: The 5 People Myth

Audacity Rising
Audacity Rising Podcast Episode 3: The 5 People Myth
Carrie Rosebrock 
Taryn Small

Do the 5 people you spend the most time with have the biggest influence over your life? In this episode, we explore this concept and then, surprise surprise: blow it out of the water.

Episode 2: Define Audacity

Audacity Rising
Empowering women to live their best lives
Audacity Rising Episode 2: Define Audacity

What are the unapologetically bold moments of your life? How will you create more? From the major moments to the everyday, living audaciously doesn't have to be a special occasion.

Episode 1: Carrie and Taryn's Story

Taryn Small and Carrie Rosebrock; founders of Audacity Rising

Audacity Rising: Episode 1

So we're starting a podcast!  Listen as we share how we decided to take the leap and honor our truest selves. Friends, we are so excited to meet  you!

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